Fastio v3.1 Free Download (Credit Remove)


Hi there! Welcome to NiaDzgn Today I am excited to share with you the Infastio v3.1 (Credit Remove) Blogger Template Free Download.

Fastio is a Blogger Template that is suitable for tutorial/journal/documentation blogs with modern design and features but still paying attention to SEO values ​​such as Speed ​​score, Schema markup rich content, Open Graph & Social Tags, etc.


  • fix minor bugs
  • fix dark text archive
  • fix hide toc
  • fix hide recent comment
  • fix the dark theme
  • fix the clock green
  • add invert logo header css
  • add HTML widget nav
  • add auto manual syntax highlight
  • add image caption 
  • add image lightbox w next-prev
  • add bookmark toast
  • add bookmark icon float
  • add bookmark & recent comment empty text
  • add t.o.c hierarchy number
  • add t.o.c smooth scroll effect
  • add read more article button
  • add more middle ads
  • add mobile menu 
  • redesign comment to modal
  • redesign floating tools
  • redesign search header
  • redesign header tools
  • redesign list style
  • redesign nav header > side-nav
  • sidebar in home

Demo Download Download