Buzzspot v1.4.0 Blogger Template Free(Paid Version)


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BuzzSpot: The Ultimate Viral Blogger Template

Are you looking for a viral magazine template that lets you launch a customizable viral Blogspot website? If yes, then you should check out BuzzSpot, the entirely different and perfect ultimate viral theme. BuzzSpot is designed in detail for magazines, newspapers, tech geeks, and social blogs.

BuzzSpot is the Professional, Flexible & Highly Optimized Viral Blogger Template. It is the best blogger template for viral, tech news, marketing, SEO tips, videos, food sites, and more. BuzzSpot has been optimized for major search engines so you can get the best organic results. It is also completely friendly to all mobile devices.

BuzzSpot blogger template is the most modern viral template of 2022, providing you with excellent and unique features. If ads are your main monetization source, BuzzSpot is undoubtedly your best choice, as it has numerous flexible and customizable sections to add your ads.

Why Choose BuzzSpot?

BuzzSpot has many advantages over other viral blogger templates. Here are some of them:

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly: BuzzSpot adapts to any screen size and device, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for your visitors.
  • Support For All Blogger Languages: BuzzSpot supports all blogger languages, including RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Flexible Top Ads: BuzzSpot allows you to add top ads to your site, which can increase your revenue and attract more clicks.
  • Dark Mode and Dark Logo Support: BuzzSpot has a dark mode option that can be toggled by your visitors, giving them a choice of how they want to view your site. You can also upload a dark logo for your site, which will be displayed in dark mode.
  • Boxed Mode Support: BuzzSpot has a boxed mode option that can give your site a more compact and elegant look.
  • Awesome & Flexible Ticker News: BuzzSpot has a ticker news feature that can display the latest and trending news on your site, with customizable speed, direction and color.
  • Advanced Trending Section: BuzzSpot has an advanced trending section that can show the most popular posts on your site, based on views, comments or date.
  • Editors’ Choice Section: BuzzSpot has an editors’ choice section that can showcase the best posts on your site, selected by you or your team.
  • +8 Flexible Ads Sections: BuzzSpot has more than 8 flexible ads sections that can help you monetize your site effectively. You can add ads to the header, footer, sidebar, home, post and more.
  • AdSense In-Feed Ads Supported: BuzzSpot supports AdSense in-feed ads, which can blend with your content and increase your earnings.
  • Table of Contents Support: BuzzSpot has a table of contents feature that can help your visitors navigate your long posts easily and quickly.
  • Related Posts ( Non-Duplicate Items): BuzzSpot has a related posts feature that can display relevant posts to your visitors, without repeating the same posts.
  • Disqus and Facebook Comments: BuzzSpot supports both Disqus and Facebook comments, which can increase the engagement and social sharing of your site.
  • Embed YouTube Videos and Images in Comments Via Links: BuzzSpot allows your visitors to embed YouTube videos and images in their comments, by simply pasting the links. This can make your comments section more interactive and fun.
  • Sidebar Posts Gadget: BuzzSpot has a sidebar posts gadget that can display the latest, random, or featured posts on your sidebar, with thumbnails and titles.
  • Sidebar Latest Comments Gadget: BuzzSpot has a sidebar latest comments gadget that can display the latest comments on your site, with avatars and names.
  • Exclusive Mailchimp Subscribe Form: BuzzSpot has an exclusive Mailchimp subscribe form that can help you grow your email list and send newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Flexible Footer Ads: BuzzSpot has a flexible footer ads section that can help you utilize the space at the bottom of your site for more ads.
  • Native Cookie Consent: BuzzSpot has a native cookie consent feature that can inform your visitors about the use of cookies on your site, and comply with the GDPR and other privacy laws.
  • SEO Optimized: BuzzSpot is SEO optimized by the Pro Blogger Templates Expert Team, which means it follows the best practices and standards for search engine optimization, and can help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.
  • Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors, and Fonts: BuzzSpot is fully customizable, which means you can change the background, widths, colors, and fonts of your site, according to your preferences and needs.

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